What we do?

Stagedesign, video mapping, interactive installations and content creation

Extending reality pixel by pixel

With Spacemakers we have been experimenting with light, image and sound in public space for about 8 years now. Through different art forms we try to show a space in another dimension. Imagination is therefore always central. We are not afraid of a challenge, we even like to embrace it. Our portfolio now includes various exhibitions, video mappings, video projection, stage design, light constructions, (interactive) installations and numerous workshops.

Who are we?

We are a small team of young creatives with a strong passion for live music, humour and experiences with a twist. We get goosebumps when we hear the word immersive and try to render faster than our croque monsieur device. We try to be your extra spicy sauce no matter if it is for your event, festival, installation, performance or live performance.


  • Wout Demeyere

    Creative coder, Developper

  • Willem Deschryver

    System Engineer, Lightning designer, Content creator

  • Felix Ysenbaert

    Content creator,, Illustrator, Animator, Veejay

How did it start?

Spacemakers is a project started in a local youth house, Jeugdhuis Krak, in a small town called Avelgem, Belgium. The project purely grew on a voluntary basis with all members developing their own expertise in their field of interest. This created a group of young, motivated creators with a skill set ranging from projection mapping, animation, stage design to software development, electronics, generative art and so much more.